Submissions from 2021


Will the pandemic permanently change how we dress?, Anupama Pasricha


Laceluxe: Luxury Lingerie Pursuit, Anupama Pasricha and Bailey Ortley

Submissions from 2020

Towards an Integrative Model of Ethical Consumption: The Role of Moral Foundations and Identity, Hyunjoo Im and Jacqueline Parr


Carol.mp4, Carol Mager


ITAA Proceedings 2020.pdf, Carol Mager


ITAA Submission 2020.docx, Carol Mager

Beyond the Classroom: Technical Assistance Program for Rural Retailers, Jacqueline Parr, Hye-Young Kim, Hyunjoo Im, and Neil Linscheid


Panelist, Sustainability in Textiles & Clothing: RoadMap to Future, Anupama Pasricha


Fashion Practice Editorial 2020 July.jpg, Anupama Pasricha and Kelly Gage


Technology in Education: Learning Opportunities for Teachers and Students, Shweta Reddy, Janace Bubonia, and Jacqueline Parr

Submissions from 2019

An Exploratory Study of Sustainable Clothing Consumption: Moral Foundations, Subjective Knowledge, and Purchases, Hyunjoo Im and Jacqueline Parr

Antecedents to Ethical Purchase Motivations, Hyunjoo Im and Jacqueline Parr

Sustainable Consumption: A Critical Content Analysis of the Recent 10 Years of Literature, Hyunjoo Im, Jacqueline Parr, and Garim Lee

Sustainability Education: Inclusive Lens for Global Economy-an ESRAP Panel, Tara Konya, Anupama Pasricha, Rachel Eike, Virginia Noon, Connie Ulsewicz, Young A. Lee, Danielle Testa, and Erin Irick

Human Crowding: Effects of Emotions on Brand Purchase Intention, Jacqueline Parr and Carmi Bobwealth

Get Connected, Social Justice and Sustainability, Anupama Pasricha

Global Threads, Anupama Pasricha


Slow Fashion, Collaborative Consumption, Mindfulness, Anupama Pasricha

Sustainable Fashion at Minnesota State Fair, Anupama Pasricha

The Ongoing Impact of Sustainability in Fashion, Anupama Pasricha

Teaching Sustainability: Intentional Global Experiences, Anupama Pasricha and Kelly Gage

Sustainability in Fashion Panel, Anupama Pasricha, Mary Hark, Antionette Beenders, and Jill Erickson

Textile Waste Collection: Potential of Upstream Recycling, Sydney Schumann, Anupama Pasricha, and Jhon Wlaschin

Submissions from 2018


Portrait of a Young Boy, Jennifer Adam


Fashion forward: need assessment for a fashion innovation center in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region, Carol Mager

Perfect patola: A memoir [Juried design]., Anupama Pasricha

Reimagining ITAA Meta Goals, Workshop Facilitator., Anupama Pasricha

The Power Suit [Juried design]., Anupama Pasricha

Exploration of 3D printing to create zero-waste fashion notions and jewelry., Anupama Pasricha and R. Greeninger

Behind the Seams: A Sustainable Fashion Panel and Factory Tour, Anupama Pasricha, Mindy Martell, Erin Husted, and Katherine Garrett


Self-Objectification Among Women Athletes and Athletic Apparel Selection, Anupama Pasricha, Arturo Sesma, and Nicole Sweeney


Self-Objectification Among Women Athletes and Athletic Apparel Selection, Anupama Pasricha, Arturo Sesma, and Nicole Sweeney

Self-objectification among women athletes and athletic apparel selection., Anupama Pasricha, A. Sesma, and N. Sweeney

Submissions from 2017

Fashion Industry Needs and Sustainability, Anupama Pasricha

Human Rights and Fast Fashion, Anupama Pasricha

Sustainability Infused Curriculum: Through the Lens of Resilience, Resolve, and Renewal, Anupama Pasricha

Sustainable Fashion, Anupama Pasricha


Vinyasa: Connecting Global Textiles and Sustainable Design, Anupama Pasricha

Content Analysis of Web-Based Narrative for Fair Trade Apparel, Julia Wilber and Anupama Pasricha

Submissions from 2016

Triple Bottom Line: Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Ethical Practices as Integrated Concepts Within Curriculum, Anupama Pasricha

Submissions from 2015

Sustianable Fashion: The Design and the Designers, Briana Turnbull and Anupama Pasricha

Submissions from 2013


The Startup Journey: How to Start a Fashion Business, Anupama Pasricha and Tran Nguyen

Submissions from 2012

Organic Cotton Apparel: Flourishing Or Lacking Within The Apparel Industry, Anupama Pasricha

Submissions from 2011

Transforming the Fashion and Apparel Curriculum to Incorporate Sustainability, Anupama Pasricha

Submissions from 2009

Millennial Generation and Fashion Education: A Discussion on Agents of Change, Anupama Pasricha