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Unpublished Paper

Publication/Presentation Date

January 2020


This ensemble was created as a deep dive into 18th-century women’s apparel construction and shaping. Using extent pattern reproductions from the Victoria and Albert Museum Collection as a base, this was a project built up from the inner chemise undergarment, stays, bum roll, boned petticoat, linen shirt, wool waistcoat, wool petticoat and ending with the riding jacket. Using a combination of two pattern companies, Reconstructing History (2006), and J. P. Ryan (2016), and period correct materials, where possible, the ensemble was created to inform my students about how apparel would be created and fit in the mid-18th century. Students value the experience of being able to see ensembles put on from the bottom up, and it gives them a more thorough understanding of not just the final look, but also the amount of time and work involved in creating and dressing that this particular ensemble entails.