Submissions from 2018

Synthesis, separation, and cahracterization of two-dimensional tin (II) sulfide nanosheets., John Dwyer

Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of two dimensional tin (II) sulfide nanosheets., John Dwyer, E. Juarez Diaz, A. H. Pinto, and E. S. Aydil

2D and 3D experiments for resonance assignment., Kim Ha

Utilizing structural dynamics-function based protein design to innovate new approaches in treating cardiomyopathies and diabetes., Kim Ha

Effects of the R9C and R25C mutations on phospholamban’s conformational equilibrium in membrane bilayers., Kim Ha, S. Nelson, T. Gopinath, and M. Exline

Investigating the conformational transitions of human adipocyte fatty acid binding protein upon binding leukotriene B4 by solution-state NMR spectroscopy., Kim Ha, Y. Xia, Y. Tran, and G. Veglia

Rational design of triblouminescent Manganese (II) complexes., Daron Janzen and M. Butler

Benzodithiophene homopolymers via direct (hetero)arylation polymerication., Daron Janzen, C. Cicha, S. Gockel, and A. Helmin

Pyridinium-functionalized pyromellitic diimides with stabilized radical anion states., Daron Janzen, A. Greenlee, C. Ofosu, and Q. Xiao

Molecular structure, spectroscopic, dielectric and thermal study, nonlinear optical properties, natural bond orbital, HOMO-LUMO and molecular docking analysis of (C6CI2O4) (C10H14N2F)2·2H2O., Daron Janzen, S. Hosna, Y. Mary, and K. Resnic

Synthesis, structural characterization, spectroscopic, thermal, dielectric and Hirshfeld surface analysis of 1-(2-methoxyphenyl)piperazinium chloranilate., Daron Janzen, S. Hosna, M. Rzaigui, and W. Smirani

Synthesis, characterization and reactivity of pincer-type bis(phosphine)/silylene [P2Si]Ru complexes., Daron Janzen, S. Ma, J. Zhang, and M. Whited

Axially chiral and achiral diphosphine dioxide Manganese(II) complezes: Polumorphs and solid-state photoluminescence., Daron Janzen, D. Rabaey, and M. Stamp

Mechanochemical synthesis of chiral and achiral diphosphine dioxide Manganese(II) complexes: Polymorphs and solid-state photoluminescence., Daron Janzen, D. Rabaey, and M. Stamp

Avobenzone: Organic laboratory development., Daron Janzen, A. Wilke, and J. Wollack

Synthesis and reactivity of pincer-type cobalt silyl and silylene complexes., Daron Janzen, J. Zhang, B. Foley, and N. Bhuvanesh

Submissions from 2017

Alteration of HMBC Parameters To Show ��−�4 and ��−�5 Bond Correlations, E. Sperry and A. M. Jordan

Submissions from 2016

Derivatization of Secondary Alcohols for the Purpose of Molecular Characterization, O. Mentari and A. M. Jordan