Title of Work

Polymorphs, Enantiomers, and Intra/Intermolecular Interactions of d8 Transition Metal Complexes

Document Type


Publication/Presentation Date

October 2019

Conference Location

Savannah, GA


Intra- and intermolecualr interactions play a strong role in the solid-​state and solution electronic properties of d8 transition metal complexes. This is in part due to the steric availability of the dz2 orbital to interact with additional axial ligand donor​/acceptor atoms or other d8 metal centers. Persistent interactions of d8 metals with atoms at distances and geometries that lie beyond covalent bonds but shorter than van der Waals radii can lead to interesting optical (both absorbance and luminescence)​, electrochemical, and NMR properties as well as unique reactivity. In our efforts to probe these types of weak interactions at d8 metals, we have observed unexpected gold (III) templated ligand chem. leading to spontaneous resolution of enantiomers, discovered multiple polymorphs in a platinum (II) system, each with unique photoluminescence properties, and studied a reversible temp.-​induced single-​crystal to single-​crystal transformation in a palladium (II) complex accompanied by changes in color. The intra- and intermolecualr structural features of these d8 systems and their relationship to photophysical features will be discussed.

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