Title of Work

Community-Engaged Learning as Career Preparation: Coaching Students to Describe High-Impact Liberal Arts Education Experiences as Career Readiness

Document Type

Conference Proceeding

Publication/Presentation Date

Winter 2-24-2020

City of Publication or Presentation

Las Vegas, Nevada

Conference Name

Fourth Annual Conference for Academic Research in Education, sponsored by the University of Nevada Las Vegas

Conference Location

Las Vegas, Nevada


In light of mistrust resulting from admissions scandals, ballooning student debt, and a loss of faith in traditional institutions, we in higher education must make a better case that our high-impact practices are effective career preparation. To do so, I surveyed 21 community partners, 16 faculty, and 9 students to capture what students say and do as the result of community-engaged learning (CEL). Using this data, I employed qualitative coding and analysis to discern a vocabulary for describing CEL outcomes as the skills employers most desire. I then created the Tell Me About A Time© board game in which students learn and practice this vocabulary aloud with peers. I administered the game to 82 students at two universities and gathered survey data to confirm that it imparts a vocabulary so students who play are better able to describe their CEL as evidence of their career readiness.

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