Title of Work

“To Tell our own Truths: Settler Postcolonialism as an Antecedent to Native American Argumentation Studies”

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Contribution to Book

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Networking Argument


Carol Winkler

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New York



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Networking Argument Alta NCA/AFA bi-annual conference

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Atla, UT


This analysis examines settler postcolonialism as a network of discursive, material, and spatial elements that invites visitors to identify first, as settlers within the confines of The Landing and, second, as stewards of the sociological, cultural, and economic icons of postcolonial settler society once they emerge outside of the park. After examining how the space embodies or performs argument, this discussion then explores the many programs and other events that allow visitors to dress as settlers, participate in work and recreation, and engage in seasonal rituals. I will then turn to the influences of the broader socio, economic, and cultural landscape of the central Minnesota River Valley and The Landing. Finally, I explore settler postcolonialism and its role in undermining not only historical but also contemporary recognition of Native American communities and cultures.

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