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Doctor of Nursing Practice Project

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Doctor of Nursing Practice



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Doctor of Nursing Practice


With the increasing racial and ethnic diversity of patients of Minnesota, there is a need for equally representative health care providers. In the nursing workforce, nurses of color face additional challenges at the bedside. Due to this, nurses of color have decreased job satisfaction and retention rates, affecting the racial and ethnic representation of health care providers. A Nursing Diversity Collaborative was formed between a northern Midwest university and a metropolitan pediatric hospital to address the need for increased diversity in the nursing workforce. Through the collaborative, nursing faculty were found to play a critical role in the success of nurses of color in their transition from student to nurse. To assess the readiness and comfortability of nursing faculty at a midwestern university in addressing and discussing the additional challenges student nurses of color face, a presentation was created to help nursing faculty develop and identify strategies they can use to help student nurses of color face the unique challenges presented to them in their career as bedside nurses.