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Doctor of Nursing Practice Project

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Doctor of Nursing Practice



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Susan Hageness


Doctor of Nursing Practice


Background: At a suburban hospital, training for charge nurses was not standardized. Department-based orientation varied without centralized guiding principles, and no internal opportunities for professional development training specific to the charge nurse role. The role and responsibilities of charge nurses had grown ambiguous with varied interpretation and implementation across the hospital. Leading to impeded workflow, employee engagement, and the inability to provide adequate clinical support to staff, clinicians, and patients. It was evident that the role needed to be supported better with clear expectations and standardized professional development training. With hospital and union leadership ardently in support of this program, improvements to the charge nurse position were crucial with high stakes outcomes. Methods: Informed by experience and a review of best practices found in literature, a team of nurses, including union representatives, educators, and managers, convened to work on role development and training design. The work entailed an assessment of current practice and best practice recommendations, development of a standardized charge nurse curriculum, determining workshop design and learner-centered content delivery methods, and implementation. Results: Successful implementation of charge nurse professional development training program; however, a low response rate for post-workshop evaluations resulted in outcomes that were not generalizable. Results showed an improvement in perceived understanding of the charge nurse role and responsibilities as well as satisfaction with internal professional development opportunities. Conclusions: Long-term impact on hospital outcomes yet to be assessed. Initial results concluded the program was a success. The content met the learner’s expectations and appeared to enhance role clarity. Plans to role program out hospital-wide are underway.