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Doctor of Nursing Practice Project

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Doctor of Nursing Practice



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Doctor of Nursing Practice


At a long-term care facility in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota, there is no formal training for the facility Nurse Practitioner (NP) on palliative care (PC) and hospice care (HC) content. Older individuals want to discuss end of life (EOL) care (Yokoya et al., 2018) however; these conversations are often not being discussed due to lack of education/training and confidence of long-term care (LTC) staff (Epstein et al., 2015). When an educational video on PC and HC was implemented to LTC Nurse Practitioners (NPs), evidence showed increased knowledge acquisition based on a 10 question pre/post video test. Qualitative evidence presented themes about the content of the video, video execution, and target audience. Since the video provided increased knowledge of LTC NPs, this project recommends that the pre and post video questionnaires and video be implemented to LTC residents.