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Type of Paper/Work

Doctor of Nursing Practice Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice



First Advisor

Katrice Ziefle


Doctor of Nursing Practice


The stress of a constantly changing work environment in healthcare causes staff to takeout their aggravation on each other. This behavior is called bullying or lateral violence (Blair, 2013; Castronovo et al., 2015). Lateral violence creates a cycle of abuse that disempowers the nurse, who then take their frustration out on their colleagues around them. This quality improvement project examines the improved awareness of emergency room nurses, following a 15-minute lateral violence education module. The intended purpose of this education module would be to increase the nurse awareness of lateral violence, improved peer to peer communication, and improve nurse teamwork, wellbeing and collaboration. Of the respondents, 50 percent of them strongly agreed that their awareness of lateral violence improved after the education module. The nurses were able to accurately identify why lateral violence awareness is important to their work and when those behaviors are present in their work environment. Authentic leadership theory (Avolio & Gardner, 2005; Bass & Steidlmeier, 1999; Cianci et al., 2014; & Iles et al., 2005) and Nurse as a Wounded Healer theory (Caan, 2000; Christie & Jones, 2014; Schwab et al., 2016) were the two theoretical frameworks that grounded this project. This project allowed growth and evolution of leadership from a place of compassion, heart, and understanding of the emergency nurses and how all these relationships are interconnected. A significant limitation of this study was the daily staffing shortages that prevented the nurses from attending the education modules. In response to this obstacle, an online version of the education module was created. The nurses that attended or listened to the online module valued the education and verbalized that the module was a needed tool to their work arsenal.

Available for download on Monday, September 11, 2023