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Doctor of Nursing Practice Project

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Doctor of Nursing Practice



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Mary Lagaard


Doctor of Nursing Practice


Problem: There is a 40% prevalence of heart disease among rural residents. In East Central Minnesota, there is scarce data about the Amish cardiovascular knowledge, current heart health status, and how their beliefs and health practices impede or facilitate cardiovascular health. Early identification of cardiovascular disease risk factors is essential in ensuring prompt patient-centered culturally congruent education to prevent cardiovascular adverse events.

Purpose: The purpose of this quality improvement project, was to assess the Amish heart disease knowledge, self-efficacy, risk perception, and heart health status, and to develop and implement a culturally congruent heart disease education

Method: The project was implemented in the Amish communities in rural East Central Minnesota with seven staff members who assisted in collecting data and providing direction. Data collection occurred in three phases of the project: assessment, education, and post-education evaluation.

Results: 13 out of 33 Amish adults completed the project. Heart disease knowledge increased by 29% whereas cardiac self-efficacy increased by 16% after modifying the questionnaire. 100% alluded to have started behavior changes since the education. Overall Amish satisfaction with the education was good with 92% reporting it was very helpful and 7% stating it was not helpful.

Conclusion: The data collected confirmed that the heart disease education was valuable in improving the Amish heart disease knowledge and cardiac self-efficacy. Most indicated they had started behavior changes.

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