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Doctor of Nursing Practice Project

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Doctor of Nursing Practice



First Advisor

Stacey Hurrell


Doctor of Nursing Practice


Purpose. This quality improvement project aimed to explore the ability and willingness of school nurses (SNs) to precept newly hired nurses and develop a preceptorship program for newly hired nurses (NHNs).

Background. SNs have various roles due to medically fragile and chronically ill children attending school, and NHNs are often unclear about their job duties. SNs must evaluate student health and determine if there is an impact or barrier to learning because of a health condition. Proper education for NHNs is essential to perform the many required duties for this unique role. School districts rarely offer a thorough preceptorship program for NHNs due to time and budget constraints resulting in frustration, job dissatisfaction, and potential for increased errors. Secondly, it is unclear if SNs possess the comfort and willingness to precept a NHN.

Methods. Participants were eight SNs at a local school district eligible to precept NHNs. The SNs participated in two educational sessions. Pre- and post-meeting surveys were administered to the SNs to measure perceived knowledge and attitude toward the preceptor role, identify required elements of a preceptorship program, and evaluate newly created preceptorship tools.

Results. The project was implemented during one academic school year. The participants determined that the specially designed tools, materials, and identified resources were beneficial to all SNs and may be used independently or within mentorship. Additionally, the SNs found value in having access to an educational class for preceptorship capacity and skill development.

Conclusions. This project established that structured preparedness is essential for SNs to feel comfortable in a preceptorship role. Therefore, attending a training class to familiarize preceptors with the fundamental skills is beneficial to supporting the growth and development of nurse learners. Developing and creating specifically designed tools for the preceptorship program is advantageous for the SN preceptor and NHNs.

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