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Type of Paper/Work

Doctor of Nursing Practice Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice



First Advisor

Lori Winchell


Doctor of Nursing Practice


This quality improvement project explored the development of a protocol for volunteer nursing staff to educate and empower residents on how to self-manage their hypertension using individual electronic blood pressure machines. The American Indian Family Center provided electronic blood pressure machines to each resident. A protocol was established based on community population screening data for the use of electronic blood pressure machines and self-care information about hypertension. The protocol provided activities that included weekly blood pressure screenings and culturally appropriate individualized health coaching at the onsite wellness clinic. The wellness clinic location is part of a low-income senior apartment complex. Survey data was collected prior to project implementation and at three months post implementation. The survey assessed residents’ self-efficacy in using their electronic blood pressure machines, ease of use, and usage frequency. The survey’s findings were analyzed using the t-test: paired two sample for means. The two tailed t-test result was statistically significant (p-value 0.0029) for the improvement in using their electronic blood pressure machines. Sixty-four percent of the residents who participated increased their use of the blood pressure machines, and thirty-six percent preferred having their blood pressure taken weekly at the Wisdom Wellness Clinic. Recorded blood pressure readings improved with the mean average for the systolic blood pressure decreasing by eighteen mmHg and the diastolic decreasing by eight mmHg. Over twelve weeks, ninety percent of the participating residents recorded blood pressure readings improved. Findings indicate blood pressure improvements were due to an increase in residents’ self-efficacy through weekly monitoring of their blood pressures using their electronic blood pressure machines or screening at the Wisdom Wellness Clinic and the individualized health coaching using motivational interviewing. Implementing a protocol for volunteer healthcare providers included continued weekly blood pressure monitoring, equipment troubleshooting, and individualized health coaching with resident-centered action plans.

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