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Doctor of Nursing Practice Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice



First Advisor

Jocelyn Gorlin


Doctor of Nursing Practice


Purpose: The purpose for this project is to provide a training session for faculty on how to incorporate an academic electronic health record (AEHR) called (EHR Go) in teaching graduate level nursing.

Method: Nine faculty were taught how to use an AEHR called EHR Go. They were then invited to participate in the post-training survey questionnaire study. Eight of nine faculty answered the post-training survey questionnaires, including quantitative and qualitative data. These data were collected and analyzed to assess the faculty’s comfort and competency levels, challenges, and suggestions for future training.

Results: 100% of faculty (N=8) felt that the step-by-step instruction helped them navigate EHR Go. Most faculty felt that using an EHR Go was not difficult. About half faculty (N=4) agreed that they felt comfortable uploading information in EHR Go. After the training session, most faculty reported that they plan to implement EHR Go in the future course within the next six months. In addition, even though some faculty thought EHR Go was easy to use, faculty felt more practice was needed to become familiar with all the features.

Conclusion: This project provided a training session for DNP-NP faculty to promote their comfort and competency levels in using an electronic health record in teaching. Overall, the implementation was successful. The results of this project positively impacted the faculty's comfort and competency levels. The faculty can consider utilizing EHR Go in-class teaching and simulation

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