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Type of Paper/Work

Doctor of Nursing Practice Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice



First Advisor

Nicole Beckmann


Doctor of Nursing Practice


Purpose: The purpose of this project was to implement standardized video education for parents of children seeking care at a school based clinic. The project created a process for utilizing video modules to enhance parental recognition of children’s mental health problems.

Methodology: A 2-step implementation of the video module first focused on gaining staff support for the module content then delivering the video module to parents of children presenting for clinic visits. An education module was created using a Google form on the Google Sites platform employing short educational videos about child and adolescent mental health recognition. During the appointment check in process parents were offered the opportunity to scan a QR code linked to the education module and a short post-module survey to evaluate knowledge and ease of use.

Results: Among the survey responses 44% (n=4) of the parents agreed that the videos increased their knowledge of child mental health, 100% (n=9) of parents agreed they understood how to access mental health resources for their children’s mental health needs. Additionally 100% (n=9) of parents agreed that the education video module was easy to use.

Implication for Practice: This project aided in improving parent knowledge of and access to mental health resources for school-aged children. The success of this module provides the foundation on which to build a library of video-based health education topics. Utilization of video-based patient education improves the delivery of health education in the primary care setting.

Available for download on Friday, December 13, 2024