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Doctor of Nursing Practice Project

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Doctor of Nursing Practice



First Advisor

Teresa Cyrus


Advance care planning (ACP) involves discussing and preparing for future decisions about your medical care if you become seriously ill or unable to communicate your wishes (Jones et al., 2021). Advance care planning rates in the United States are generally low, with significantly lower rates among marginalized groups of Native Americans (Jones et al., 2021). The purpose of this quality improvement project was to implement a culturally appropriate educational intervention that increases participation in completing advance care planning among older Native American residents through individual approaches and easy-to-read educational materials. Twelve residents participated in the quality improvement project, which entailed one-hour meetings with the project manager and faculty. Data was collected immediately before and after education implementation to obtain more accurate results. The finding from the data analysis suggested that integrating health literacy and culturally appropriate health education significantly impacted participants’ enrollments and ACP knowledge improvement from 33.33% to 66.67%.