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Doctor of Nursing Practice Project

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Doctor of Nursing Practice



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Mary Wotzka Lagaard


Doctor of Nursing Practice


Background: Minnesota is home to approximately 5,000 Amish people. Amish have historically been hesitant to accept, adopt, or implement Western healthcare ways, preferring to provide care for family members within their homes. Utilization of complementary or alternative methods for treatment is a high priority. Low health literacy rates, limited science education, lack of insurance, cultural differences, poverty, and rural living make healthcare access and treatment options difficult.

Local Problem: Kanabec County Amish have limited resources, a lack of insurance, and minimal first aid knowledge, leading to increased health care costs. Initial observations showed no designated or central area for storing first aid kits or easy access to basic medical supplies.

Methods: Conducted in three parts. First, an initial needs survey was done to identify a focus area. Second, a pre-survey was distributed. Participants selected first aid skills based on confidence, and a simple 1-5 Likert scale was used to rank first aid skills knowledge. Third, a post-survey was distributed after the intervention. The post-survey was administered as a verbal assessment due to issues with understanding the Likert ranking scale.

Interventions: Five first aid topics were selected for teaching modules. An educational plan was developed with critical learning points identified, requiring translation to ensure cultural appropriateness. First aid kit supplies were purchased with a grant from Community Giving Foundation. Anoka Ramsey Community College students presented education topics at two Amish Education days, and first aid kits were distributed to fifteen local Amish families.

Results: Follow-up evaluation showed all households had stored first aid kits in a central location, multiple supplied items were used, and application of first aid skills improved.

Conclusion: Multidisciplinary collaboration led to critical trust building within the Amish community. Open dialogue indicated a need for Amish remedies to be included. Ongoing annual refresher first aid education will be needed.

Available for download on Sunday, June 29, 2025