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Doctor of Nursing Practice Project

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Doctor of Nursing Practice



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Kathleen Bell


Doctor of Nursing Practice


Background: Prelicensure nursing student clinical onboarding is a complex task. Students must complete site-specific onboarding to ensure compliance to safely be at clinicals. The complexity and size of this clinical requirement is enormous. Utilizing the principles of high reliability, this quality improvement project created a standardized onboarding checklist for a baccalaureate nursing program at a private university in the Upper Midwest United States. This checklist can assist with the complexity of onboarding at any healthcare educational institution, especially those with multiple clinical partners and various nursing programs. Methods: A quality improvement project consisting of a standardized onboarding checklist with pre- and post-implementation surveys was implemented. Intervention: 97.8% of a pilot group of 46 students at the junior-level of a prelicensure nursing program utilized standardized checklists for their Spring 2023 clinical rotations onboarding. Results: 85.7% of students in the pilot group were satisfied with the change to utilizing onboarding checklists. The work of the Clinical Education liaison at the university decreased by 26.5%, as evidenced by the decreased volume of emails for this semester compared to the previous semester. Conclusion: There is very little information about student onboarding in the healthcare literature. This project, the standardized onboarding checklist, was a positive intervention to manage the complexity and volume of onboarding for a pilot group of prelicensure nursing students. This cost-effective tool is easy to use and could be implemented for health sciences students.

Available for download on Sunday, June 29, 2025