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Doctor of Nursing Practice Project

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Doctor of Nursing Practice



First Advisor

Matthew Byrne


Doctor of Nursing Practice


Mistakes in the healthcare system are occurring at an alarming rate and most nurse managers find that new graduates are not prepared to deal with the complex patient situations they encounter in the work setting. It is imperative that nursing education find ways to increase the quality of their graduates. One method to improve nursing education is with the use of simulation. However, nursing faculty are ill-prepared to use simulation competently and effectively. The literature lacks any research that looks at the impact of specific methodologies used in the education of faculty in the use of simulation. The study, Responses to a Faculty Development Workshop on Simulation, revealed that a workshop can positively influence faculty knowledge, skill, and attitudes related to simulation. The two day workshop was developed using adult learning principles imbedded in constructivist and experiential learning theories. Following the workshop, a survey explored faculty perceptions of the teaching/learning components in the workshop. The results showed an increase in faculty knowledge and skill, and improved attitude regarding simulation. Increasing the knowledge and skill and improving the attitude of faculty related to the use of simulation will facilitate the development of graduates that provide competent and safe care in clinical practice.