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Doctor of Nursing Practice Project

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Doctor of Nursing Practice



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Gwendolyn Short


Doctor of Nursing Practice


Employee perception of organizational safety, trust, choice, collaboration, and empowerment is a critical determinant of successful implementation of trauma-informed care within an organization. Despite the widespread use of one-time training to introduce trauma informed care, limited research has investigated the impact of such training on the organizational climate.

The aims of this study included the evaluation of change in staff perception of organizational climate using the Trauma Informed Climate Survey (TICS-10) before and after an online training on trauma informed care and determine if the training impacted participants’ perception of the organization’s embodiment of trauma-informed principles.

The results demonstrate no significant changes in the overall distribution of responses between pre and post intervention surveys. Statistical analysis was completed using a Wilcox signed rank test. Statistical significance demonstrated by a p-Value of 0.05 was not met. Study limitations included a low response rate of 28% for pre and post intervention survey completion and a homogenous dataset composed of primarily individuals who identified as Caucasian, involved in direct patient care without supervisory responsibility. Findings included that 15 participants completed the education in less than five minutes, raising concerns about the meaningful engagement of these participants with the training material.

This study recommends further evaluation to investigate the impact of trauma-informed care training on organizational climate and suggests in person education as a potential solution to enhance retention of trauma informed principles. As the organization seeks to advance its trauma- informed approach, this dataset provides a valuable baseline to inform future efforts to embed trauma informed values.

Available for download on Saturday, August 02, 2025