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Doctor of Nursing Practice Project

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Doctor of Nursing Practice



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Marcia Byrd


Doctor of Nursing Practice


This was a non-randomized outcome research study to determine whether an educational program provided to emergency department (ED) nurses would alter compliance of dysphagia screening for acute stroke patients. Patients included in the study were greater than 18 years of age with stroke symptoms of unilateral weakness or numbness, changes in speech or vision, facial droop, balance difficulties or sudden and severe headache. Data was obtained by chart review after the patients were discharged from the hospital. 146 patient charts from July to December of 2008 were reviewed for dysphagia screening compliance (pre-education) and compared to 138 charts from July-December 2009 (post education). A two sample t-Test comparing data pre-intervention with post-intervention did not show statistical significance in dysphagia screening compliance with a level of 0.66 using a P value of 0.05.