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Doctor of Nursing Practice Project

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Doctor of Nursing Practice



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Dr. Alice Swan


Doctor of Nursing Practice


The economics of health care is front and center in the minds of health care professionals. Terms such as quality metrics and pay for performance are in everyday discourse and have impacted how the direct care nurse provides patient care. Today’s nurse must find an approach to balance the technical and the human side of care delivery to provide an optimal patient experience. Holistic care that incorporates being present with the patient is foundational to the Nursing profession. Analysis of qualitative data from both patient and nurse focus groups in a cardiology acute care unit revealed the

following themes: communication and listening, patient satisfaction and gratefulness, and relationship of trust and caring that encompassed ‘being with” patients are important. The data provide evidence that aligns with Koloroutis and Trout (2012) nurse presence through attunement which is carried out through the actions of wondering, following, and holding. Further study of actionable nursing presence and the impact on patient satisfaction and outcomes is warranted to strengthen the evidence in the literature.