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Type of Paper/Work

Doctor of Nursing Practice Project

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Doctor of Nursing Practice



First Advisor

Susan Hageness


Doctor of Nursing Practice


How can advanced practice nurses lift up the process of continuing professional competency and meet the needs of advanced practice nursing and nurses, the healthcare system, and patients? The purpose of this paper is to describe an innovative project that provided knowledge and strategies to inform a lack of specific literature about changes necessary in the healthcare system to fit the special needs of advanced practice nursing. This vision of the project was to elucidate a new vehicle of a professional development process that merited systems change. The professional development process would include distinct advanced practice nursing professional features, national healthcare policy trends, and electronic communication as a means of continuing competency. This research utilization project utilized two sources of data: (a) a trial of a private blog site and (b) a professional development e-communication feedback tool administered to advanced practice nurses from across the United States. Of the 13 respondents 92 % found the process could provide collegiality, 100% found the process could provide opportunity to discuss professional issues, 100% found the process could enhance their professional practice performance, 100% found the process could provide a more frequent opportunity to counsel with colleagues, and 85% reported that the process of asynchronous e-communication with colleagues would be valuable in their career. This new vehicle of a process of professional development is highly valuable to advanced practice nurses and would likely provide increased professional practice knowledge and skills to safely treat and improve patient health outcomes. E-communication is a promising strategy for effective continuing competency of healthcare providers.