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Doctor of Nursing Practice Project

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Doctor of Nursing Practice



First Advisor

Heather Moulzolf


Doctor of Nursing Practice


Background: The United States health care system has a segmented approach to patient care when it comes to primary care delivery. Many individuals demand new models of healthcare and choose to integrate non-traditional methods into their health regimen beyond what is typically offered in many primary care settings. This project surveyed a group of patients receiving care at an integrative clinic and explored satisfaction with services based on an Integrative Wellness Care Plan.

Materials and Methods: An Integrative Wellness Care Plan (IWCP) that combines standard primary care services with integrative therapies was reviewed, and a six-question survey was developed to evaluate the patient experience. An invitation to participate in a survey was emailed to 52 patients. Each survey participant was screened to ensure that at least one previous clinic appointment incorporated the use of the IWCP. The response rate of the survey was 38%. Content analysis method of data analysis was utilized, and findings were categorized into major themes.

Results: Themes identified through analysis of qualitative data suggest that patients are highly satisfied with their integrative primary care experience and believe this model of care supports wellness and achievement of individual health goals.

Conclusions: Survey responses suggest patients are highly satisfied with the IWCP and value the provision of integrative care as an adjunct to typical primary care services. Respondents mention preferring this model of care over traditional primary care.