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Doctor of Nursing Practice Project

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Doctor of Nursing Practice



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VaLinda Pearson


Doctor of Nursing Practice


Healthcare organizations nationwide have identified a relationship between the absence of minority representation in the healthcare professions, and poor health outcomes for minority patients. The issue of healthcare disparities is complex, but it has become clear that an increase in the number of minority healthcare professionals improves patient access to culturally relevant care which can positively impact outcomes. As the largest segment of the healthcare workforce, nurses have a critical role in shifting the racial demographics in the healthcare workforce. The journey toward increased minority representation in nursing begins with efforts in nursing education to successfully recruit, retain, and graduate minority students. As with other hallmarks of nursing education excellence, program diversity goals should be integrated into the program outcomes and systematically evaluated as part of an annual quality cycle. Qualitative and quantitative data regarding minority student success is an integral part of establishing and evaluating program diversity. Minority student enrollment is one such source of data. Access to enrollment data is necessary to monitor patterns and trends in student numbers in response to strategies related to recruitment, admission, curriculum, pedagogy and other interventions implemented to support the success of minority students. This quality improvement project focused on increasing access to minority student enrollment data through the implementation of an information dashboard. The results of the project demonstrated the implementation of a dashboard increased access to minority student enrollment data and presented the data in a format that was clear and user friendly.