Lisa Borneman

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Ande Nesmith


Social Work


The purpose of this dissertation was to explore the implications of being identified on a list based on criminal justice involvement. The list of interest was the Downtown 100 (DT100), a list of youth and adults with significant involvement in the criminal justice system in an upper Midwest urban center. The main identified commonality for those identified on the DT100 is homelessness, while he commonality not readily identified is that most people on the DT100 are people of color. Issues common to youth identified on this criminal justice-based list include a potential for criminal identity, increased risk, and stigma. The three products that made up this dissertation include a conceptual article, a research article, and a paper presentation based on the findings of the research study.

The conceptual article laid the foundation of the dissertation by exploring the literature related to youth homelessness and the criminalization of young people of color. Discovery of the common issues noted above informed the focus of the research study. A conceptual framework was developed that provided the lens for the dissertation and plan for future research. The research study employed a qualitative approach using semi-structured interviews for data collection. Seventeen professionals who were key informants of the DT100 team were interviewed to discover their perceptions of the DT100 strategy and of the youth who have been identified. Findings reinforced the issues identified in the literature. The goal of the paper presentation was to disseminate the research study findings and underscore the potential concerns of identification on a criminal justice-based list. The future research plan includes interviewing youth and adults identified on the DT100 to uncover their lived experience of being identified on a criminal justice-based list. Ultimately, the plan is to bring the professionals, adults, and youth together to develop best practices for working together.

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