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Banded Dissertation

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Doctor of Social Work (DSW)


Social Work

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Laurel Bidwell


Social Work


This dissertation explores the use of a flipped classroom pedagogy in social work education. Flipped classroom pedagogy, a methodology which inverts the common instructional paradigm, has potential to offer an engaging framework for social work educators to implement in the classroom. The flipped pedagogical design provides a method in which to organize course content and promote innovative methods of student collaboration. In addition, the flipped classroom promotes an interactive learning process, in contrast to the passive learning environment of the traditional classroom. Currently, there is a lack of literature in social work regarding the implementation of this pedagogy into the social work classroom.

The first product of this banded dissertation is a conceptual paper which explores the extensive history of an interactive learning model in social work education and presents the utility of using the flipped classroom pedagogy as a current interactive modality for the modern-day social work classroom.

The second product of this banded dissertation is a qualitative research study of a master’s of social work policy course where the flipped classroom was implemented. In the study, I explored students’ perceptions of their experience in a course using the flipped design. The paper also contains a description of how the flipped classroom contributed to the students’ attainment of course material after the close of the semester.

The third product is an overview of a peer-reviewed presentation entitled Using the Flipped Classroom Pedagogy in a Social Work Classroom. The presentation was shared at the 39th annual Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors Conference (BPD), in Jacksonville, Florida on March 14. 2019. The presentation highlighted the long history of social work education, the utility of using the flipped design in social work education, and the students’ perception of their experience in a flipped course. The presentation also covered the instructor’s reflections in designing and implementing a flipped social work classroom.

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