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Collaborate for Impact to Advance Equity in Preservice Teacher Education

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December 2020


This collective case study (Stake, 2000), draws on the teaching of five university professors as they worked toward the advancement of equity through the high-leverage practice of discussion. In University classes, pre-service teachers learned to select ‘Good and Worthy’ texts for discussion, create discussion-worthy questions, and launch, orchestrate, and conclude a discussion. To orchestrate a discussion, pre-service teachers learned how to orient students to the contribution of peers, probe student thinking, elicit diverse responses and support language demands. To accomplish this, pre-service teachers studied a decomposition of discussion, analyzed videos and transcripts and named key features of discussion in the artifacts, planned lessons, rehearsed these lessons with feedback in class, and analyzed a video of their own teaching of their lesson during a field experience. The intention of all of this work was to advance equity and justice in elementary classrooms through discussion.

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