Submissions from 2021

Mapping the Intersections of Ecocomposition and Environmental Humanities, Juliette Lapeyrouse-Cherry

Race, Regionalism, and Rhetoric Workshop, Juliette Lapeyrouse-Cherry

Planning and Piloting the Recovery Hub for American Women Writers, Kristen Lillvis, Melissa Homestead, Emily Rau, Etta Madden, and Jessica DeSpain

Recovery Hub for American Women Writers: Digital Tools for Teaching Workshop, Kristen Lillvis, Melissa Lingle-Martin, and Jordan Von Cannon


The pre-nasal allophonic splitting of /ɛ/ in Toronto Heritage Cantonese, Holman Tse

Submissions from 2020

Open at the Close: Literary Essays on Harry Potter, Cecilia Konchar Farr


Tone mergers in spontaneous speech and gaps in the tone inventory, Naomi Nagy, James Stanford, and Holman Tse


Functional load, token frequency, and contact-induced change in Toronto Heritage Cantonese vowels, Holman Tse


The om/op ~ am/ap merger in Cantonese: Acoustic evidence of a not quite completed sound change, Holman Tse

Submissions from 2019

And Flyspeck and Sooty Blotch, Robert Grunst

On a Baldfaced Hornets' Nest, Robert Grunst

Our Father's Lifesaving Merit Badge, 1931, Robert Grunst

But Are They Good Books?, Cecilia Konchar Farr

Hogwarts Faculty Meeting: Potter Pedagogies, Cecilia Konchar Farr

Review of Out of Context: The Uses of Modernist Fiction by Michaela Bronstein, Cecilia Konchar Farr


Composing the Gulf Coast: Narratives of Environmental Toxicity, Racial Injustice, and Carbon Energy Across Modalities, Juliette Lapeyrouse-Cherry


Rhetorics of Toxicity, Racism, and Religion on the Gulf Coast, Juliette Lapeyrouse-Cherry


Global Event, Lucas Pingel


Does standard Chinese mean anything for Cantonese vowel variation?, Holman Tse


Does standard Chinese mean anything for Cantonese vowel variation?, Holman Tse


Vowel shifts in Cantonese?: Toronto vs. Hong Kong, Holman Tse

Submissions from 2018

English for Cross-Cultural Nursing, Susan Bosher

Digital storytelling for immigrant and refugee students., Susan Bosher and A. Mars

Digital Storytelling for immigrant and refugee students., Susan Bosher and A. Mars

Therapeutic benefits of digital storytelling for immigrant & refugee students., Susan Bosher and A. Mars

Orly Castel-Bloom and the post-anthropocene., Hella Cohen

STEM-humanities co-teaching and the humusities turn., Hella Cohen

The old radical and the new conservative: Generational incarnations of racial trauma in Jacobson's 'The Zulu and the Zeide.', Hella Cohen

Violence-ed: Digital filmographies of brutality and the post-Zionist shift., Hella Cohen

A Good Time for the Truth [presentation]., Taiyon Coleman

A Good Time for the Truth [presentation]., Taiyon Coleman

A Good Time for the Truth [presentation]., Taiyon Coleman

A Good Time for the Truth [presentation]., Taiyon Coleman

A Good Time for the Truth [presentation]., Taiyon Coleman

A Good Time for the Truth [presentation]., Taiyon Coleman

A good time for the truth: Race in Minnesota [Residency]., Taiyon Coleman

Hey white girls! White women being better accomplices in anti-racist struggles in the academy., Taiyon Coleman

Institutional and structural racism., Taiyon Coleman

Intersectionality., Taiyon Coleman

Making the invisible visible: A project at the U maps Minneapolis' history with racial housing covenants., Taiyon Coleman

Promoting efficacy and esteem in first generation students., Taiyon Coleman

Sometimes I feel like Harriet Tubman., Taiyon Coleman

Talk on K-12 education., Taiyon Coleman

ouTposT [live music & storytelling]., Taiyon Coleman, S. Bergman, C. H. Shaw, and R. Duncan

Working towards racial equity in first-year composition., Taiyon Coleman, R. Delong, K. S. DeVote, and S. Gibney

Imagination is power: I am...[film montage, panel discussion, & poetry reading]., Taiyon Coleman, V. Deus, and D. Bergin

Discussion of Dream Country by Shannon Gibney [Faciliator]., Taiyon Coleman and S. Gibney

A rap on race [Pre-show discussion]., Taiyon Coleman, R. Hickman, K. Charles, and C. DeYoung

Still in the trenches: Gender, race, and class in creative writing., Taiyon Coleman, J. Kwon Dobbs, L. Lewis, and A. Parkson

A Good Time for the Truth panel & discussion., Taiyon Coleman, D. Lawrence, and S. Gibney

How women can be better allies to each other? [Radio show guest]., Taiyon Coleman and K. Miller

Time for Ilhan post-show discussion [Panelist]., Taiyon Coleman, N. Shapiro, L. Mola, and J. Pessenda

Black literature and music [presentation on her pieces from the books, Enfleshing Freedom and Blues Vision]., Pamela Fletcher

Rondo children's book series [Editor]., Pamela Fletcher

The power of one body: Racial justice and the role of the Church of Christ [Panelist]., Pamela Fletcher

Becoming As, Robert Grunst

Goats eat nettles., Robert Grunst

Poetry reading, MIDSTREAM Reading Series., Robert Grunst

Gertrude Stein's challenge to canonicity: The making of Americans as the most modernist of modernist novels., Cecilia Konchar Farr

The making on Americans and the U.S. women's novel., Cecilia Konchar Farr


"O God O Galaxy: An Origin Story", Lucas Pingel

Submissions from 2017

Communicative Competence in English for Nursing, Susan Bosher

English as a Lingua Franca in Nursing, Susan Bosher

Rethinking Linguistic Modification: What Makes a Difference for English as an Additional Language (EAL) Nursing Students, Susan Bosher


Variation and change in Toronto heritage Cantonese: An analysis of two monophthongs across two generations, Holman Tse

Submissions from 2016


The Literary Imagination in Israel-Palestine: Orientalism, Poetry, and Biopolitics, Hella Cohen


Contact-induced splits in Toronto Heritage Cantonese mid-vowels, Holman Tse

Submissions from 2015

Developing Discipline-Specific Literacy with ESL Students: Challenges and Promises of Infusing Writing Across the Curriculum, Susan Bosher

Developing Linguistically Appropriate Multiple Choice Exam Items, Susan Bosher

Nurses' Narratives on Workplace English in Taiwan: Improving Patient Care and Enhancing Professionalism, Susan Bosher and Joel Stocker


The Diachronic Emergence of Retroflexion in Somali Bantu Kizigua: Internal Motivation or Contact-Induced Change?, Holman Tse


The Role of Shift-Induced Interference in the Development of a Typologically Rare Phonological Contrast in Somali Bantu Kizigua, Holman Tse

Submissions from 2014

Increasing EAL Nursing Students' Comprehension of Multiple-Choice Test Items through Linguistic Modification, Susan Bosher

Strategies for Working Effectively with ESL Writers in Nursing, Susan Bosher

Talk Like a Nurse: Communication Skills Workbook, Susan Bosher

Ghostly Pleasure: Narrative Erotics and the Death-Wish in Keats' "La Belle Dame Sans Merci", Hella Cohen

Submissions from 2013

English for Nursing, Susan Bosher

Student Assessment: Leveling the Playing Field for ESL and Multilingual Nursing Students, Susan Bosher


Object Lessons: Material Cultural Approaches to Teaching World Literature, Hella Cohen


The Clothing Economy of Earl Lovelace’s The Dragon Can’t Dance, Hella Cohen


Methodological considerations in the study of sociophonetic variation in an underdocumented minority language: Somali Bantu Kizigua as a case study, Holman Tse

Submissions from 2010

Acquiring Discipline-Specific Literacy in a Second Language: A Case Study of an ESL Nursing Student, Susan Bosher

Submissions from 2009

Transforming Nursing Education: The Culturally Inclusive Environment, Susan Bosher and Margaret Pharris

Submissions from 2008

English for Nursing, Academic Skills, Susan Bosher

The Effects of Linguistic Modification on ESL students’ Comprehension of Nursing Course Test Items, Susan Bosher and Melissa Bowles

Submissions from 2003

Barriers to Creating a More Culturally Diverse Nursing Profession: Linguistic Bias in Multiple-Choice Nursing Exams, Susan Bosher

Submissions from 2002

From Needs Analysis to Curriculum Development: Designing a Course in Health-Care Communication for Immigrant Students in the USA, Susan Bosher and Kari Smalkoski

Submissions from 1998

The Composing Processes of Three Southeast Asian Writers at the Post-Secondary Level: An Exploratory Study, Susan Bosher

The Refugee/Immigrant in Higher Education: The Role of Educational Background, Susan Bosher and Jenise Rowekamp

Submissions from 1997

Language and Cultural Identity: A Study of Hmong Students at the Postsecondary Level, Susan Bosher

Submissions from 1992

ESL Tutoring: Bridging the Gap between Curriculum-Based and Writing Center Models of Peer Tutoring, Dave Healy and Susan Bosher