Project Title

Sales for Healthcare Sales Certificate 2017-2017


Mary Jacobs

Date Awarded




Project Description

Mary Jacobs, MA, Director of the Institute for the Center of Sales of Innovation was awarded $75,000 from 3M for the re –launch of the Healthcare Sales Certificate program, starting in January, 2018. The certificate program was re-designed for healthcare professionals such as nurses, occupational therapists and physical therapists who are interested in making a career change to sales or business. The goal of the certificate is to teach the sales and business acumen to professionals who otherwise would not be able to make a career change with their clinical backgrounds. Their skills and experience are in demand, but they lack the business experience to make the change. The grant has been used for curriculum development, marketing and recruitment. Five-$500 scholarships will also be awarded to the first five students who register for the certificate program.

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