Project Title

MRI - Fluorescence Microscope

Name of Award

National Science Foundation (NSF)

Date Awarded

Summer 8-8-2018



Project Description

Dr. Paula Furey, Assistant Professor of Biology, Dr. Andrea Kalis, Assistant Professor of Biology, Dr. Tami McDonald, Assistant Professor of Biology, and Dr. Kay Tweeten, Professor of Biology, are awarded $118,179 by the National Science Foundation (NSF) for the acquisition of a Leica DM6B fluorescence microscope. This microscope will expand the research capacity of biology faculty at the university and will engage students from the university’s College for Women in research training in the biological sciences. The fluorescence microscope will prepare women undergraduates of all backgrounds to succeed in graduate school and scientific careers by providing access to and training in modern microscopy, imaging techniques and image analysis. The expanded research capacity made possible by the microscope will also contribute to efforts in faculty diversification while aiding current faculty to conduct research, produce publication quality images and obtain grant funding. Access to this instrumentation will stimulate new collaborations among faculty within the University’s Biology Department, between biology faculty and those in broader STEM disciplines, and with existing research collaborators at other universities.

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