Project Title

Ananya Dance Theatre's Sutrajaal: Revelations of Gossamer

Name of Award

MAP Fund

Date Awarded

Spring 5-1-2018



Project Description

Director Kathleen Spehar and Deputy Director Ross Willits were award $43,000 by MAP to fund “Sutrajaal: Revelations of Gossamer,” an original, full-length work for the Woman of Substance series. Choreographer Ananya Chatterjea, dancers of Ananya Dance Theater (ADT), and their team will create the piece.

“Sutrajaal” is set against and within the backdrop of increasingly diverse racial and ethnic communities of Minneapolis-St. Paul that often remain segregated from each other and figure in the larger body politic primarily as “census data” and “vote banks.” Chatterjea and dancers, many of whom emerge from these communities, will cull oral histories from the spoken words and dancing bodies of Twin Cities’ women and communities of color: South, Southeast, and East Asian; Pacific Islander; African American; African; Native American; Latinx.

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