Project Title


Name of Award

MSAB Arts Tour Grant

Date Awarded


Project Description

Director Kathleen Spehar and Deputy Director Ross Willits were award $50,000 by the Minnesota State Arts Board (MSAB) Arts Tour Grant for Antigona. The O’Shaughnessy will bring Noche Flamenca to present their dance opera adaption of Sophocles’ play, Antigone, in spring 2020. The idea to create a flamenco interpretation of Antigone began when Martín Santangelo attended a Living Theatre’s production of Antigone, where he was struck by the battle between an individual, disenfranchised woman and the authority of the state and its patriarchy. Santangelo’s Antigona tells this story through a fusion of flamenco, hip-hop, ballet and music, sung in Spanish with English sub-titles. It shows how to tell a story through a particular art form, fusing traditional performance blocking with pure flamenco. The O’Shaughnessy will host one public performance and two school matinees of Antigona. These three performances will be followed by talkbacks, outreach activities, such as a master class on hip-hop, and a workshop on the history of flamenco.

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