Project Title

Katies for Aging Research and Equity (KARE) at St. Catherine University

Name of Award

NIH R25 (Research Education Program)

Date Awarded


Project Description

Katie Campbell (Interprofessional Education), Josh Guggenheimer (Exercise and Sports Science), and Marcie Myers (Biology) have been awarded $1,529,384 over 5 years from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)—National Institute on Aging (NIA). This grant, the largest St. Kate's has received to date from the NIH, will launch the Katies for Aging Research and Equity (KARE) program, which will prepare diverse students for careers in aging research. Faculty from the Henrietta Schmoll School of Health and the School of Humanities, Arts, and Sciences will lead this joint initiative, which includes building a cross-disciplinary minor in gerontology.

KARE is an innovative and integrated research education program that will prepare the next generation of underrepresented minority women to be leaders in aging research by combining support, education, and mentored research opportunities for students with scientists and clinicians at St. Kate's as well as Mayo Clinic and the HealthPartners Neuroscience Center.

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