Project Title

Data Capacity

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Project Description

St. Catherine University received a $75,000 grant to manage data collection processes. St. Kate's found that they are data rich; however, they have multiple programs (e.g., Banner, Qualtrix) and rogue databases (e.g., FileMaker Pro) that are housed in multiple locations with little integration across the systems. These practices reduce effectiveness in compiling, integrating, analyzing and reporting data for multiple purposes. St. Kate's plans to create an assessment system that will allow reduction of duplication of data, integration of multiple data sources, and creation of a culture of assessment for all stakeholders that will provide a more accurate picture of our candidates and licensure programs. The goal is to setup all data related activities by using TaskStream’s Learning Achievement Tools that are designed to plan and manage assessment processes facilitate the demonstration of learning achievement and foster continuous improvement. 2011-2012 activities focus on training needs associated with using TaskStream, creating assessments in TaskStream, and developing faculty competency and skill in the use of Teacher Performance Assessment and other assessment instruments; establishing valid and reliable assessment tools; and transferring and integrating data from multiple sources (e.g., rogue databases, Banner, CMS) into the TaskStream system.

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