Project Title

ADA Access Improvement for Metro Arts Organizations

Date Awarded




Project Description

The O’Shaughnessy is committed to making the arts accessible to all through its various outreach activities and diverse programming. However, built in 1970, the actual facility presents numerous accessibility challenges. With $45,000 grant support from VSA Minnesota, The O’Shaughnessy has been able to address numerous challenges and make several important improvements to ensure greater accessibility. These improvements have been part of a multi-year plan to make The O’Shaughnessy a more welcoming space for our differently-abled users—audience members and performers alike—by making it easier to access the building, navigate through the space and take advantage of the amenities.

Expected results from this project:

  • Greater accessibility on both sides of the house.
  • Increased viewing options for patrons so they have a choice of where to sit.
  • Greater independence for patrons to find their seat with ease.
  • Ability for schoolchildren with special needs to sit together comfortably.
  • Increase in repeat business from accessible patrons (by 20%, possibly more).
  • Increase in clientele interested in using and booking the space.

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