Project Title

The Collaborative for the Advancement of Teaching Interpreting Excellence (CATIE) Center: Advancing the Quality and Quantity of Interpreters through Effective Practices - Continuation

Date Awarded



CATIE Center (ASL Interpreting)

Project Description

Laurie Swabey and the CATIE Center received a continuation awarded to work with the National Interpreter Educational Center, the other Regional Centers, IEPs, the Local Partner Network, and consumers in each state to continue to develop a sustainable infrastructure that will prepare sufficient numbers of qualified interpreters to meet the needs of deaf, deaf-blind, and hard of hearing Vocational Rehabilitation consumers in the region. In conjunction with partners, the CATIE Center will provide and evaluate educational opportunities that are evidence-based with measurable outcomes. Through sequenced, in-depth educational opportunities that are offered in a variety of innovative formats, interpreters will develop specialized skills and knowledge to work effectively with diverse consumers in rural and urban areas in a variety of settings including, but not limited to, vocational rehabilitation, medical, mental health, and substance abuse. To meet the identified shortages, programming and resources will be offered to develop the skills and knowledge of interpreters to work with people who are deaf-blind, as well as those who have limited language skills and multiple disabilities. Mentoring and sequenced training for novice interpreters will be addressed with programming designed to prepare interpreters to become nationally certified.

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