Project Title

MENA Education Flagship Research

Date Awarded

Fall 9-19-2016



Project Description

Although the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has made substantial progress in increasing education enrollments, learning and education quality are ongoing problems. Additionally, returns to education are low and falling. Ensuring economic growth and shared prosperity requires a renewed focus on education. To that end, this project will undertake a flagship report on education in MENA. The objective of the project is to highlight the ongoing and new challenges in MENA, identify key constraints to learning, on both a systems and individual, family, and classroom level, and provide detailed insights into improving learning in the region. The key deliverables will be the concept note for the project, flagship chapters and pieces of chapters (boxes, sections) for the report (as identified in the concept note), reviews of others’ chapters, and ultimately review and support for the entire flagship.

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