Project Title

Development of CAAL Hybrid

Name of Award

APDC Curriculum Development Award

Date Awarded




Project Description

Dianne Nelson, PhD, Professor of Nursing, was awarded $1626.60 for an APDC Curriculum Development Award for the development of two hybrid courses: Holistic Care of Older Adults and Pharmacology and Holistic Nursing Practice. Both of the courses are part of an innovative, completely new nursing curriculum with a focus on holistic and multicultural nursing care. This curriculum is concept-based with highly integrated structure upon which all of the new courses will be developed. A student-focused philosophy with an emphasis on participation and active, adult learning is central to this curriculum which is designed to build carefully on previously knowledge and bring the student to readiness for caring for multicultural patients in a complex healthcare environment. Advisers from various cultural backgrounds as well as a diverse advisory board have assisted with the curriculum development process. This input and the focus on holistic multicultural care has led to the creation of a curriculum that goes far beyond the traditional manner of addressing culture as a content topic in nursing to a curriculum deeply informed by and created from cultural knowledge and understanding. The curriculum structure has been approved by SCAC. Course development is the next step.

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