“MRI Consortium: Acquisition of a Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer for a Regional PUI Molecular Structure Facility.”

Name of Award

Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) grant

Date Awarded




Project Description

Dr. Daron Janzen, Associate Professor of Chemistry, was awarded a $201,787 Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) grant from the National Science Foundation to establish a shared instrumentation consortium of University-based chemistry researchers.

Co-principal investigators on this grant include Dr. James Wollack (Chemistry, SCU), Dr. Steven Drew (Carleton College), Dr. Ted Pappenfus (University of Minnesota, Morris), and Dr. Alicia Peterson (College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University).

The consortium will house a single crystal X-ray diffractometer and accompanying resources at SCU to support the molecular structural data requirements of collaborative student-faculty research projects at each institution. An X-ray diffractometer allows accurate and precise measurements of the full three-dimensional structure of a molecule, and provides accurate information about the spatial arrangement of a molecule relative to neighboring molecules. The increasing importance and routine use of molecular structure techniques in chemical research, in particular crystallography, necessitates student exposure, training, and experience in the use of this instrumentation.

For more information, contact Dr. Daron Janzen at dejanzen@stkate.edu

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