Project Title

Mapping Social Justice Initiative

Date Awarded

Spring 5-3-2016


Social Work

Project Description

Lisa Kiesel, PhD, Assistant Professor of Social Work, received a $9880 grant for her project Mapping Social Justice Initiative. The Mapping Social Justice Initiative is a project designed to increase MSW student participation in advocacy and increase community engagement through targeted efforts to integrate policy and community awareness throughout the clinical curriculum, providing actionable information and advocacy guidance. This will be accomplished through the course and field placement "mapping," identifying core issues, service type, and population served, as well as establishing a process and network for monitoring up-to-date policy and community action information. These two elements, maps and networks, are brought together through student policy/community research and dissemination targeted to relevant courses/students. The time is ripe for such an endeavor as our state and communities are seeking to address racial and economic disparities, as our school tackles the topic of Participatory Justice, and as our Student Justice Initiative group has begun to re-tool to be a conduit of advocacy information.

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