Project Title

StatPREP Workshop & Hub

Date Awarded

Winter 12-5-2016


Mathematics and Physics

Project Description

Monica Brown, MS, Assistant Professor, was awarded $62,400 from the National Science Foundation for Professional Development Emphasizing Data‐Centered Resources and Pedagogies for Instructors of Undergraduate Introductory Statistics (StatPREP). StatPREP responds to the IUSE call for projects that “improve the preparation of undergraduate students so they can succeed as productive members of the future STEM workforce, regardless of career path, and be engaged as members of a STEM-literate society” by fostering the widespread use of data-centered resources and pedagogies in introductory statistics courses via an extended professional development program designed to equip faculty to innovate statistics education. StatPREP’s goals are to: 1) increase faculty capacity to enact curricular change by incorporating statistical analysis software and computing technology, complex data, open-ended investigations, and statistical thinking into their existing courses. 2) initiate community transformation focused on modernizing undergraduate statistics education.

StatPREP’s objectives are to: 1) offer an extended professional development program for mathematics faculty, particularly at two-year institutions, who teach introductory statistics, 2) establish regional communities of practice to support faculty who teach introductory statistics, 3) establish a national online support network comprising faculty who teach introductory statistics and statistics education experts.

StatPREP aims to accomplish these goals by growing a self-sustaining network of practitioners committed to a modern approach to statistics instruction. In doing so, it will improve preparation of undergraduate students in a wide spectrum of fields so that they can make well-informed decisions and thrive in an increasingly data-centric world.

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