Project Title

Hilton Project Phase II

Date Awarded

Fall 9-27-2016


Liberal Arts and Sciences

Project Description

Molly Hazelton, MLIS, Co-Executive Director of the Hilton Initiative, was awarded $419,507 from the Hilton Foundation. Strand 1 focuses on continued growth and visibility of National Catholic Sisters’ Week. Project staff at St. Catherine University will continue to develop and expand this work, utilizing the proven Ambassador and Mini-grant programs to extend the reach of National Catholic Sisters’ Week. The project’s consulting writer will employ her extensive connections to diocesan newspapers and the national press to increase momentum and visibility around the NCSW movement.

Strand 1 centers a specific and clear focus on National Catholic Sisters’ Week, but will also connect with other work strands to support its specific work while simultaneously strengthening the engagement of the other work strands with NCSW and the SisterStory digital home. The result will be a national, geographically and culturally diverse effort focused in multiple ways, with the single goal of increasing awareness of the richness of religious life and its attractiveness as a life choice.

Project planners anticipate robust growth of National Catholic Sisters Week, enabled in particular by significant expansion of the Ambassador Program and the Mini-Grant program, as well as expansion of the SisterStory digital home for work completed as part of the oral history project and other relevant resources. Other digital components of the project will build momentum and visibility for the National Catholic Sisters Week movement. As a result, NCSW events across the nation will, at minimum, triple by the end of the new grant period and increase in geographical and cultural diversity as well.

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