Project Title

Sales for Social Impact 2016

Date Awarded

Summer 7-21-2016


Business, Sales

Project Description

Mary Jacobs, Director of the Center for Sales Innovation, was awarded $25,000 from 3M for the Sales for Social Impact class. This course is a requirement for students pursuing a minor in business administration and for those pursuing a major in small business entrepreneurship. We live in an increasingly complex and global world that demands individuals who can successfully operate and participate in this reality. With the commitment to social justice and responsibility inherited from the founding Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Catherine is committed to helping our students understand how their life choices impact the world around them, and how their leadership and deep understanding of other cultures and global environments can create lasting social change. The School of Business and Professional Studies offers a dynamic environment where sales majors are able to combine business education with the study of global social issues and economic development. The proposed interdisciplinary course exemplifies the School’s four foundational pillars (sustainability; innovative spirit; global justice and global mindset; and practice-ready graduates), and helps students develop necessary business skills within a global context.

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