Submissions from 2013

Improving High School Breakfast Environments, Mary Hearst

Accessibility for O'Shaughnessy, Kathleen Spehar

ADA Access Improvement for Metro Arts Organizations, Kathleen Spehar

Submissions from 2012

Minnesota Space Grant Consortium, Erick Agrimson

MN Space Grant Consortium - 2012 Augmentation, Erick Agrimson, Ann Sweeney, and Tony Murphy

Massage Therapy and Weight Management, Mark Blegen

Family-Style Meals in School Foodservice Settings: A Qualitative Study of Perceptions, Barriers and Promoters, Teri Burgess-Champoux

EcoSTAR 12-13, Linda Distad

Strategic Partnership Enhancement, Linda Distad and Suzanne Kaback

MN Space Grant Consortium - Subcontract, Terrence Flower, Erick Agrimson, and Dan O'Loughlin

Children's Hospital, Laura Gilchrist

BreakFAST: Fueling Academics and Strengthening Teens, Mary Hearst

National STEM Center for Elementary Education (NCSEE) GLOBE Conference, Tony Murphy

Nurse Faculty Loan Program, Kathleen Smith, Kathleen Kalb, Rozina Bhimani, Maggie Pharris, Beth Stevens, and Tracey Gran

RN to BS Degree Completion Program, Karen Sund, Lisa Marien, Linda Glass, and Mary Maine

Undergraduate Research Awards, Lynda Szymanski

Enzymatic and Chemical Synthesis of Strained Ring Containing Proteins and Oligonucleotides for use in Tetrazine Cycloaddition, James Wollack

Submissions from 2011

Pregnant & Parenting Teens & Women, Joan Demeules

Phase Forward: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities, Patricia Dunlop

Project TUESTYC: A Workshop & Mentoring Program for Two-Year College Faculty, John Dwyer

MN Space Grant, Terrence Flower, Dan O'Loughlin, and Erick Agrimson

Children's Hospital, Laura Gilchrist

MN Census, Rebecca Hawthorne and Joann Bangs

“MRI Consortium: Acquisition of a Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer for a Regional PUI Molecular Structure Facility.”, Daron Janzen

Data Capacity, Lori Maxfield and Suzanne Kaback

Phase Forward: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities, John Pellegrini, Patricia Dunlop, and St. Catherine University

Handwriting Without Tears, Paula Rabaey

Green Chemistry Metrics for Choosing a Reaction, James Wollack

The Enzymatic Transfer of Strained Ring Containing Bioothrogonal Tags, James Wollack

Submissions from 2010

Broadening Participation in CCLI, John Dwyer

The Collaborative for the Advancement of Teaching Interpreting Excellence (CATIE) Center: Advancing the Quality and Quantity of Interpreters through Effective Practices, Laurie Swabey

Submissions from 2009

MN Space Grant, Terrence Flower

Twin Cities Teacher Collaborative, Anthony Murphy