Submissions from 2018

Alia Child Welfare Innovation Evaluation, Laurel Bidwell

“Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.”, Francine Conley

Racial Disparities in Drowning, Marina Gorsuch

Inclusive Academic Excellence: Reimagining Art History at St. Catherine University, Amy Hamlin

Women Refugees, Resilience and Gardening, Kari Hartwig

Voicing Violence: Women, Solidarity, and Estrangement in Biblical Poetry, Elaine James

An Exploration of the Sexual Cleansing Ritual as a Public Health Issue in the Luo Community of Kenya, Leso Munala

Citizenship, Education, and the Family in the British Empire, 1892-1950, Rachel Neiwert

Influence and Response: A Playful Rebellion, Monica Rudquist

Black Identities and Movements in Germany, Daniel Williams

Synthesis of Deuterated Standards for MDI Quantification, James Wollack

Submissions from 2016

Stratospheric “Near Space” Eclipse 2017, Erick Agrimson

Development of Industrial Polymer, Sharf Ahmed

Community Based Exercise Program on East African Immigrants, Jennifer Biggs-Miller

Art of Lament in Ciudad Juarez, Colleen Carpenter

Between River Exhibition, Todd Deutsch

Synthesis and Characterization of Two Dimensional Tin Sulfide Materials, John Dwyer

HealthCare Students-Grounded Theory, Brenda Frie

Polyphosphate Bodies in Algae, Paula Furey and Nicole Szyszka

Social-Cognitive Underpinnings of Math Difficulties in Diverse Children, Maria Gautier

Assessing Physician Assistant Burnout and Job Changes in Minnesota, Kari Hartwig

Sales for Social Impact 2016, Mary Jacobs

Course Development Holistic BS, Margaree Jordan-Amberg

Professional social workers with disabilities, Lisa Kiesel

Textbook Chapters on Economics of Social Issues, Caroline Krafft

Population Health, Lisa Marien

Population Health: Examining the Role of Ambulatory Care Nursing, Lisa Marien

Psychology of Eating, Anaya Mitra

Psychology of Leadership., Andrea Olson

Characterization of Reduced Graphene Oxide, Gina Samuelson

Effect of Evaluator Training on Intra/Inter Rater Reliability, Vicki L. Schug

DNA-binding Proteins in Lumbriculus Sperm, Kathleen Tweeten

Genetics and Nutrient Conditions of Reed Canary Grass, Kathleen Tweeten

Localization of Proliferating and Migrating Cells During Regeneration in Lumbriculus, Kay A. Tweeten and Elizabeth Sperry

Experience-Women MBA'S, Michelle Wieser

MBA Career Curriculum, Michelle Wieser

Submissions from 2015

Preparations for Stratospheric Studies of the 2017 Solar Eclipse, Erick Agrimson and Kaye Smith

Motivators - PA Student Placements, Heather Bidinger

Assessment of Prevalence and Perceptions of Food Insecurity in College Students Attending Private Universities, Teri Burgess-Champoux

Assessment of prevalence and perceptions of food insecurity in college students attending private universities, Teri Burgess-Champoux

Partners for Change Outcome Management System: Application to Domestic Abuse Treatment, Michael Chovanec

Engagement Research, Micheal Chovanec

Family planning decision-making and couple communication among Somali men and women in the Twin Cities, Carie Cox

Knowledge, Use, Referral, and Beliefs of Complementary/Integrative Therapies (C/IT) Among Minnesota Physician Assistants, Carol Geisler

Picture Books, Heidi Hammond

Revisiting the Nurse Educator Self-Evaluation: Evaluating the Evaluation, Kathleen Kalb

Seminar Development & Revision, Jessie Lenarz

Effectiveness of a community running program on the mental, emotional, and physical health of persons experiencing homelessness in an urban area, Meghan R. Mason

Global Search for Justice, Margret McCue-Enser

Investigating the evolutionary history of ammonium transport genes, Tami McDonald

Effect of Chronic Stress on Body Image, Anaya Mitra and Brianne E. Hintsala

Power in Design: Designer as an Agent of Change, Anupama Pasricha

Reclaiming Thecla, Vincent Skemp

Engineering Mechanics, Kaye Smith and Jolene Johnson

Effect of Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitors on Regeneration in Lumbriculus, Kay A. Tweeten and Shakirah Tumusiime

Global Health and Populations, Jennie Whitehouse

MBA Global Capstone Experience, Michelle Wieser

Building Nutrition Science Program, Holly Willis and Joshua Guggenheimer

The Synthesis and Evaluation of Cyclopropene Containing Isoprenoids for Imaging and Quantifying Prenylated Proteins, James Wollack

Green Chemistry: A Reevaluation of the Synthesis of Avobenzone, James Wollack and Katelyn C. Caron

STEM Certificate Course Development, Natasha Yates

Nursing Simulation and Project, Katrice Ziefle

Submissions from 2014

Montessori Renewal Courses, Syneva Barrett

"You Are the God of Vision": Divine Revelation in the Experiences of Muslim and Roman Catholic Women, Rhodora Beaton

Understanding Symptom Experiences of Muscle Tightness from Patients and Clinicians Perspectives, Rozina Bhimani

Development of Nutrition Sciences Curriculum, Mark Blegen and Holly Willis

Development of Statistics Minor, Monica Brown

Resisting the legacy of colonialism: in New Zealand and Hawaii, Jane Carroll and Joanne Cavallaro

Women's Voices: Reimagining the Public Speaking Curriculum, Rafael Cervantes

Place: The Confluence of the Mississippi and St. Croix, Todd Deutsch

Preventing Urinary Tract Infections in a Rehabilitation Unit: A Case Study of Current Practice, Brenda Frie and Debra Filer

An Algal Identification Guide for the Eel River Watershed, California, Paula Furey

MAOT Electronic Health Record Simulation Project, Barbara Gilbertson OTD, OTR/L

Honors Seminar Music in the Air: The Science and Soul of Music Course Development, Arlene Goter and Jolene Johnson

Therapeutic PLN mutant design, Kim Ha

Assessing health, social, & community benefits of the Church Refugee Garden, Kari Hartwig

Using technology for data collection among low literacy populations, Mary Hearst

Earth Science & Mathematics, Catherine Ibes

Techniques in Biophysics Course Development, Jolene Johnson Armstrong

Building bridges from teacher preparation to early career success: Studying the influence of explicit instruction on teacher candidates’ awareness and use of terms to describe effective teaching, Suzanne Kaback

Gertrude Stein and the Making of the Modern: Cross-disciplinary and Cross-cultural Construction of the Novel, Cecilia Koncharr Farr

Using Moveable wristbands for activity accountability, David Luedtke and Joshua Guggenheimer

Mapping the Microbiome of the Minnesota State Fair, Meghan R. Mason

A Pilot Study on a Supplemented MOB Program, Kathleen Matuska

Imposter Syndrome in Graduate Education, Emily Nowak and Matt Byrne

Developing an Applied Math for Physics Course, Kristine Pelatt

Influence of an Emotional Support Animal, Mini Rex Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus), on College Student Stress, John Pellegrini and Alex P. Kennedy

Computational Thinking and Coding for K-8, Chris Ross and Siri Anderson

Risk Factors for Patellar Instability, John Schmitt and Kristen Gerlach

Increasing Cultural Competency for Nurse Educators: Caring for Transgender People, Laurie Ann Sieve

Development of Introduction of Engineering Course, Kaye Smith

Contract for work with Rebuilding Together Twin Cities, Catherine Sullivan

Histological Analysis of Embryonic Development and Generation of Reproductive Structures in Lumbriculus, Kay A. Tweeten and Shannon Brick

Implementing a Plastic-embedding System for Histological Analysis of Reproductive Structures in Lumbriculus, Kay A. Tweeten and Nabeela Khan

Development of a Flow Cytometry Method for Analysis of DNA Ploidy in Lumbriculus, Kay A. Tweeten and Samantha J. Morris

A comparison of methods measuring nitrogen fixation in a laboratory setting, Jill Welter PhD and Jackelyn Goldschmidt

The Global Chinese Middle Class and Virtual Transnationalism, Hui Wilcox Ph.D.

Submissions from 2013

Stratospheric Studies Using High Altitude Ballooning, Erick Agrimson

Creating and Reimagining the Physics II Lab Manual, Erick Agrimson and Jolene Johnson Armstrong

St. Catherine University Dietetic Program Curriculum Revision Project, Debra Barone Sheats