Submissions from 2019

Community Health Volunteers: A Model for Social Change?, Elizabeth Allen

Verbal Behaviors in Employment Interviews: Analyzing Employers’ Assessments of Interview Speech Produced by Interpreters for Deaf Applicants, Erica Alley and Elizabeth A. Otto

A Visit to the Frances Carpenter and Frank G. Carpenter Archives at the Smith College - Young Library in Northampton, MA and the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., Sarah P. Dahlen

Exploring Spirituality as a Possible Psychological and Social Resource for Coping with Academic Stress among Undergraduate Students at a Catholic University, Angela Ekwonye

Algae in a warming and nutrient rich world: How temperatures and nutrients interact to chance species-assemblage structures and function, Paula Furey

Psychometric Properties of the Physical Therapy Healthy Lifestyle Appraisal (PTHLA) Questionnaire- Phase 3, MarySue Ingman

Green Mechanochemical Synthesis of Photoluminescent Materials, Daron E. Janzen Dr.

Urban, Low-income, African American Well-Child Care: Parent and Provider Perspectives and Expectations, Kara Koschmann

Who Needs Human Rights?, Nawojka Lesinski

Exploring the Social Context and Drivers of Age -Disparate Transactional Sex (TS) Relationships in Mutomo and Ikutha Districts of Kitui South Sub County, Leso Munala

Curriculum Development Grant: Department of American Sign Language and Interpreting, Gloria Nathanson, Octavian Robinson, and Justin Small

Evolution of Carbon Transport in Lichens, Margaret Piecz and Tami McDonald

Convert GRSW 5400 from Face to Face/On Campus to Hybrid, Lisa Richardson MSS, LICSW

New Course Development on Disability and Structural Inequality in U.S. Society, Octavian Robinson

Definition of Key Elements of Preferred Physical Therapist-Physical Therapist Assistant Working Relationships: Knowledge to Inform Academic and Clinical Education, Jessica J. Scholl and Debra Sellheim

School Nurses Working with Transgender and Gender Diverse Students, Laurie Sieve

Implicit Theory of Intelligence and American Sign Language Proficiency Efficacy as an Advising and Student Information Toolkit for Potential Interpreting Majors, Justin Small and Patty Gordon

Claiming Culture, Community, and Wellbeing: Older Chinese Americans and Immigrants in Minnesota, Hui Wilcox

Integrated STEM Pedagogy Curriculum - Program Development, Natasha Yates and Elizabeth Whalen

Submissions from 2018

Stress in DPT Students: A Qualitative Study, Christina Anderson and Lisa Dutton

Alia Child Welfare Innovation Evaluation, Laurel Bidwell

Association between Umami Taste Perception, Dietary Protein Intakes, and Lean Muscle Mass in American and Southeast Asian Consumers, Nuala Bobowski

Social Identity, Investment, and Belonging: The Impact of Curricular and Co-Curricular Practices on Immigrant/Refugee Students, Susan Bosher

The Ripple Effect: A Sociocultural Exploration of Narrative Reproduction on the Exercise Experience and Adherence across the Lifespan, Rebecca Busanich

Improving Transparency of the Care Team for Families and Patients with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS), Katherine Campbell

"Beware; for I am Fearless, and Therefore Powerful." Women Who Travel Alone--A Creative Essay & Multimedia One Woman Performance, Francine Conley

Provider Perspectives on Fertility Care in Ghana, Carie Cox

The Contribution of Micro- and Macro-Context on Team Collaboration and Performance, Patricia Finch-Guthrie, Janet Benz, and Katherine Campbell

Climate Warming Influences on Freshwaters: Detection of the Toxin Microcystin-LR in Water and the Cyanobacteria Nostoc in Streams in Iceland, Paula Furey and Ange-Gabrielle Holm

Racial Disparities in Drowning, Marina Gorsuch

Environmental Intervention Toolkit to Improve Sleep of Residents of the Minnesota Veterans Home-Minneapolis, Cynthia K. Graham, Brenda Frie, Janet Benz, and Katherine Campbell

Inclusive Academic Excellence: Reimagining Art History at St. Catherine University, Amy Hamlin

Women Refugees, Resilience and Gardening, Kari Hartwig

Understanding the Experiences of Stigma and Discrimination of Caregivers of Children with Disabilities in Zambia: A Photovoice Project, Renee Hepperlen and Paula A. Rabaey

Voicing Violence: Women, Solidarity, and Estrangement in Biblical Poetry, Elaine James

Archival Contexts for Gertrude Stein’s The Making of Americans, Cecilia Koncharr Farr

Controlling the Conductive Properties of Graphene Oxide, Gina Mancini-Samuelson and Alexandra Schmeltzer

Best Practices in Primary Care for Families Experiencing Homelessness, Meghan Mason

Localization of an Ammonium Transporter Protein within Marchantia Polymorpha, a Liverwort, Utilizing a YFP Fusion Protein, Tami McDonald and Marie Olson

The Lice Project, Julie Mumm and Jessica Miehe

An Exploration of the Sexual Cleansing Ritual as a Public Health Issue in the Luo Community of Kenya, Leso Munala

Exploring Community and Environmental Factors Associated with Sexual Violence against School-aged Girls in Mutomo, Kenya, Leso Munala

Citizenship, Education, and the Family in the British Empire, 1892-1950, Rachel Neiwert

Influence and Response: A Playful Rebellion, Monica Rudquist

Influence and Response: A Playful Rebellion, Monica Rudquist

Defining Womanhood in Modern Japan: Woodblock Prints from the St. Catherine University Special Collections, Christina Spiker

Genetic Characterization of Diploid and Polyploid Populations of Lumbriculus, Kathleen Tweeten and Ngozika Ezenagu

Black Identities and Movements in Germany, Daniel Williams

Synthesis of Deuterated Standards for MDI Quantification, James Wollack

Submissions from 2017

INTP 6200 – Critical Injury, Erica Alley

Holistic Studies Narrative Study, Laurie Anderson Sathe

Stress & Sweet Taste Preference, Nuala Bobowski

Undergraduate M-STEM student perceptions of careers in aging, Alvina Brueggemann

Bronze Roses, Pink Crosses, Feminicide: The Art of Lament in Ciudad Juarez, Colleen Carpenter

Global Community Partner Impact: Case Studies on the Impact of University Global Health Partnerships on the Host Communities, Donna DeGracia, Ingrid Johansen, Tara Rick, and Jennie Whitehouse

How algae respond to a warming, nutrient rich world and how we communicate this science to the world, Paula Furey

Characterizing Dynamics-Driven Ligand Selection of Adipocyte Fatty Acid Binding Protein, Kim Ha

Connecting the Caldecott Dots, Heidi Hammond

What’s ‘Effective’ In Treating Serious Mental Illness: Provider Perspectives, Susan Hawthorne and Anne Williams-Wengerd

Nourish Plus Nature: Impacting the Double Child Development Burden in the First 1000 Days, Mary O. Hearst Dr.

Nighttime Postural Care: Caregiver training and outcome measure feasibility, Jennifer Hutson

edTPA On-Boarding, Suzanne Kaback

The Lice Project, Jessica Miehe

Gendered Language in Interviews: How Gender Matters in Interpreting and Communication, Elizabeth Otto and Erica Alley

Interprofessional Perspectives in Graduate Level Falls Prevention Education, Valinda Pearson

Moving LIS 7030 from a Face-to-Face Format to Online, Sheri Ross

Generation and Analysis of Transcriptomics Data from Sexually and Asexually Reproducing Forms of Lumbriculus, Kathleen Tweeten

Submissions from 2016

Stratospheric “Near Space” Eclipse 2017, Erick Agrimson

Development of Industrial Polymer, Sharf Ahmed

Community Based Exercise Program on East African Immigrants, Jennifer Biggs-Miller

Art of Lament in Ciudad Juarez, Colleen Carpenter

Between River Exhibition, Todd Deutsch

Synthesis and Characterization of Two Dimensional Tin Sulfide Materials, John Dwyer

HealthCare Students-Grounded Theory, Brenda Frie

Polyphosphate Bodies in Algae, Paula Furey and Nicole Szyszka

Social-Cognitive Underpinnings of Math Difficulties in Diverse Children, Maria Gautier

Assessing Physician Assistant Burnout and Job Changes in Minnesota, Kari Hartwig

Sales for Social Impact 2016, Mary Jacobs

Course Development Holistic BS, Margaree Jordan-Amberg

Professional Social Workers with Disabilities, Lisa Kiesel

Textbook Chapters on Economics of Social Issues, Caroline Krafft

Population Health, Lisa Marien

Psychology of Eating, Anaya Mitra

Psychology of Leadership., Andrea Olson

Genetics and Nutrient Conditions of Reed Canary Grass, Martha Phillips

Characterization of Reduced Graphene Oxide, Gina Samuelson

Effect of Evaluator Training on Intra/Inter Rater Reliability, Vicki L. Schug

DNA-binding Proteins in Lumbriculus Sperm, Kathleen Tweeten

Localization of Proliferating and Migrating Cells During Regeneration in Lumbriculus, Kay A. Tweeten and Elizabeth Sperry

Experience-Women MBA'S, Michelle Wieser

MBA Career Curriculum, Michelle Wieser

Submissions from 2015

Preparations for Stratospheric Studies of the 2017 Solar Eclipse, Erick Agrimson and Kaye Smith

Motivators - PA Student Placements, Heather Bidinger

Assessment of prevalence and perceptions of food insecurity in college students attending private universities, Teri Burgess-Champoux

Assessment of Prevalence and Perceptions of Food Insecurity in College Students Attending Private Universities, Teri Burgess-Champoux

Partners for Change Outcome Management System: Application to Domestic Abuse Treatment, Michael Chovanec

Engagement Research, Micheal Chovanec

Family planning decision-making and couple communication among Somali men and women in the Twin Cities, Carie Cox

Knowledge, Use, Referral, and Beliefs of Complementary/Integrative Therapies (C/IT) Among Minnesota Physician Assistants, Carol Geisler

Picture Books, Heidi Hammond