Attitudes, Beliefs, Knowledge, and Use of complementary/alternative therapies among US Geriatric Nurse Practitioners

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Faculty Research & Scholarly Activities Grant

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Holistic Health Studies

Project Description

Carol Geisler, Associate Professor of Holistic Health Studies, and Dr. Corjena Cheung have been awarded a $1,500 Faculty Research & Scholarly Activities grant to pursue Complementary/Alternative Therapy (C/AT) research in geriatric patients. Many older adults include CA/T in their health self-management, and it is imperative for their primary care providers to be aware of their usage. Geriatric Nurse Practitioners are often are the primary health care providers for this population. This project is designed to survey all Geriatric Nurse Practitioners in the U.S. to assess their attitudes, beliefs, knowledge, and use of C/AT, and explore when and how Geriatric Nurse Practitioners engage in dialogue with their patients about their C/AT use. A cross-sectional electronic survey will be sent to all members of the Geriatric Advanced Nurse Practitioners Association (GAPNA). The study includes both quantitative and qualitative data that will be analyzed. Geriatric Nurse Practitioner’s attitudes, beliefs, knowledge, and use of C/AT as well as how C/AT is communicated between Geriatric Nurse Practitioners and their patients will be described. Inferential statistics will be used to determine significant correlations between demographic variables and C/AT use, and factors that are predictive of C/AT communication.

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