Complementary/Alternative Therapies Research

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Faculty Research & Scholarly Activities Grant

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Holistic Health Studies

Project Description

Carol Geisler, Ph.D., R.N, and Corjena Cheung, Ph.D., R.N. have been awarded a $7,042 Faculty Research & Scholarly Activities grant for their research exploring the use of Complementary/Alternative Therapies (C/AT). The study will be used to inform health care practice, education, and policy. This project proposes conducting an on-line survey of Nurse Practitioners in one Midwest state to explore views and knowledge of C/AT and to describe if, when, and how Nurse Practitioners engage in dialogue with their patients about C/AT usage. The attitudes, beliefs, knowledge, and use of C/AT of Nurse Practitioners will be described. Correlations between age, gender, years/areas of clinical practice, and attitudes/beliefs/knowledge/personal use of C/AT with the frequency of C/AT dialogue with patients will be reported. Themes that address if, how and when Nurse Practitioners engage in conversation with their patients about C/AT will be described.

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