Project Title

Life Management for Academic Success

Name of Award

Faculty Research & Scholarly Activities Grant

Date Awarded




Project Description

Amy Heinz and Kathleen Matuska, nursing students at St. Catherine University, have been awarded a $2,523 Faculty Research & Scholarly Activities grant for their research exploring life balance and life coaching. This project provides an opportunity to understand the lifestyles of associate pre-nursing students at SCU and learn about what they perceive as stressors or barriers to their success. They believe this understanding will enrich S. Kate’s scholarship and help create a unique program for at-risk students to help them succeed. Foundational knowledge of life balance, healthy lifestyles, coping strategies and coaching will be broadened and applied to students with unique needs. The research will also be a springboard for additional research about the intervention program that will be created from the findings.

For more information, please contact Amy Heinz at or Kathleen Matuska at

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