Localization of Proliferating and Migrating Cells During Regeneration in Lumbriculus

Name of Award

3M Small Scale Grant

Date Awarded




Project Description

Kay Tweeten, Professor of Biology, and Elizabeth Sperry, student researcher, received a $2,000 award from the 3M Small Scale Grant program to use pulse-wait incorporation of EdU, a thymidine analog into Lumbriculus undergoing regeneration. The worms will be exposed to the EdU at different time points into regeneration and for different lengths of time. Fixing the cells at different time points after exposure to EdU will allow for monitoring when cell proliferation is occurring and whether the proliferating cells are involved in cell migration. The results will help resolve long-standing, conflicting reports in the literature regarding the role of cell division and migration in the regeneration process in Lumbriculus.

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